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Heat Sheet - Virtual Clerk of Course

Acme Ninja Co (ANCO) is happy to announce the release of Heat Sheet-Virtual Clerk of Course.

Heat Sheet is your virtual swim event Clerk of Course. Participating swim clubs and associations upload their swim event schedule to the Heat Sheet website, and then you can set alerts for each event you need to be notified of. No more missing your or your child’s event because you didn’t know what event is taking place! Heat Sheet updates in REAL TIME. You can just check the app to see what event and heat is currently underway, OR set alerts for the events you want to be notified of so that you can get to the Clerk of Course or starting block on time!

NOTE: Your event, club, or association must participate for this app to do you any good. At a minimum, someone must be on the pool deck keeping the event up-to-date in the app. This can be a volunteer, clerk of course, or even the official starter. The starter can use Heat Sheet to track the events and announce each event and heat. The details of each event are listed right in the app.

The App is currently Available on the Google Play Store, and will be available in the Apple App Store soon.

Head to the Heat Sheet website to check it out.
Get it on Google Play

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GSAM D20 Icon Pack

Check out the GSAM Icon Pack we published. It uses a 20 sided die as the battery icon.
It’s in alpha testing now, but will be pushed to production in a few days.

If you have any other app requests, leave a comment and we’ll check it out!

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